Swoop - NZ' Best Value Super Swing

Daunting? You Bet!

Pull the cord, take the ride! Dive head first into the action on the Swoop super swing! The thrill is significantly enhanced by securing you in body harnesses rather than being seated in a rigid structure. Feel the anticipation rise as you and up to two friends are slowly elevated to 40m (141 ft) high, where you will release your own
rip- cord ,sending your plummeting down to earth. The cables catch you just in time at exhilarating speeds of up to 130kph (80mph).

Many have conquered the Swoop including Sonny Bill Williams, Liam Messam ( All Blacks!) and the Nitro Circus crew - including Travis Pastrana! You will gain instant respect from your friends and family!

Perfect for kids 6yrs+ (See Minimum Height Requirements) and ALL Adults

40m / 141ft

Max Speed:
130kmph / 81 mph

9.8 metres per second each second - full velocity in just over 4 seconds!

Minimum Height:
1 metre – no minimum age requirements

Interesting Facts:
One, two or three people can swoop at any one time. You must release your own ‘rip cord’. Swoop has been known to cause grown men to scream like school girls.

If you like:
Superman/Tarzan/Spiderman or giant rope swings then you will love the Swoop.

Health & Safety:
Please refer to the health & safety page.

COST: $49.00 (Per Person) - check out our package deals
Swoop - NZ' Best Value Super SwingSwoop super swing - Agroventures Rotorua