Health & Safety At Agroventures

Safety Record

All of our activities have an impeccable safety record; Agroventures undergoes a number of auditing processes both internally and externally throughout the year.

Agroventures holds a Qualmark endorsement, which is Tourism New Zealand’s official stamp of quality approval. A Qualmark assessor will come on site biannually to assess everything from systems, to customer service and safety practices, to ensure we are delivering the best possible experience to our visitors. Visit the Qualmark website for more information.


All of our activities utilise and operate with tried and true industry standard equipment, to ensure that the highest level of safety is maintained.


Each activity at Agroventures has a different training programme in place to ensure the crew member that is looking after you is an expert at what they do. We have also ensured that every staff member holds a current comprehensive First Aid Certificate.

The Legal Stuff

As a business, Agroventures has to comply with New Zealand legislation and we are regulated by the Department of Labour, under the Amusement Park Devices Act and Maritime New Zealand.

The entire park is covered by $NZD10m Public Liability Insurance. If you require a copy of the certificate, please download here. We also have available a copy of our Risk Analysis if required.

The Fun Stuff

Am I Too short? Too tall? Too fat? Too skinny? Too wide? Too Young? Too Old?..........The answer is NO you’re not, just follow these simple guidelines for each activity.

There is no minimum or maximum age requirement in order for our visitors to participate, however you do need to meet our health and safety standards for each activity as follows:

Rotorua Bungy
The legal age for bungy jumping in New Zealand is 10 years of age. If you are 16 years of age and under, you must have parental or guardian consent. Minimum weight is 35KGS or 77lbs. Please click here to read more about Rotorua Bungy.

Minimum height required is 1m or 3.3ft. We have smaller Swoop harnesses for children and taller harnesses for adults. Please click here for more information about the Swoop.

Freefall Xtreme
Minimum weight required is 20KGS or 44lbs - click here to read more about Freefall Xtreme.

Minimum height is 1m tall or 3.3 ft - find out more about racing around the course with Agrojet.

Minimum height is 1.1m tall or 3.6ft. Maximum height is 2m tall - click here to read more about the Shweeb.

Medical or Health Conditions

If you are pregnant, have a heart condition, neck or back problems, epilepsy, a neurological disorder you should not participate in any of the above activities. You should seek medical advice first.

If you do have any queries that you would like addressed on a one-to-one basis before your visit, please contact Agroventures and we can consult our operations team based on your requirements.


Agroventures is fully accessible for those with physical disabilities. Our activities cater for a wide variety of abilities. Staff are available to assist where required.