Agrojet - worlds first full jet sprint experience

A Ferrari On Water...

This ain't no scenic jet boat ride... launch to 100kph (62 mph) in the blink of an eye and experience 3G's of force in one of NZ's fastest jet boats and the world's first ever jet-sprint. Professional drivers take you over a high octane sprint course, weaving around islands and finishing with a full 360 degree spin that will leave you breathless.

Perfect for kids 3yrs + ( see minimum height requirements) and all adults - even Granddad will love it!  

Powered by:
450 Horse Power V8 Engine

Minimum height requirement:
0.9m Tall

Maximum passengers per trip:

Tips & Cheats:
Stay out of our "Splash Zone" if you like dry clothes.

Interesting Facts:
The jet unit pumps out 11,000 litres of water per minute, but you’ll be pleased to know that none of this lands on you!

If you like
James Bond chase scenes, big engines or going fast, then you’ll love the Agrojet.

Health & Safety:
Please refer to the Health & Safety page.

COST: $49.00 (Per Person) - Check out our package deals